and checked to ensure it is level prior to the granite cap being placed. 

​Dirt will be placed back tightly around the edges of the cap where grass can regrow providing the cleaned edges for your stone.

A granite cap will be placed on top of the cement creating a perfectly solid foundation for your stone preventing shifting or damage in the years ahead. 

Once placed, the crew will measure and make sure it is perfectly centered and set.

What is the difference between "restoration" and "preservation"?

The stone and cap will be wiped down and completely cleaned to shine. 

The cement is smoothed over...

A lift is used to pick up & move the cap and the stone protecting the product as well as our crew.

​ We want to make sure our customers are 100% happy with this important purchase. 

Take a look at our crew in action!

Our team will ensure there are no pockets, and that all cement is mixed and filling in properly.

Not just standard service, but service that sets the standard.

"All modern monuments should be installed on a solid concrete foundation. The foundation should be dug as deep as the frost line." 

Once the 4ft hole is dug below the frost line, cement is mixed onsite...

A tag with our name and contact information will be placed on the stone so that, if needed, we can be contacted with any questions or concerns...

and poured into the whole to begin the setting.

Following this process every time, allows us to help you and your future loved ones save

Time  &  money,

leaving them with no worries! 

All stones & granite caps are shipped in crates to prevent any cracking, chipping, or breaking that could delay the setting of your stone.  

 The largest cause of leaning and fallen monuments may be attributed to poor quality foundation work. Why take the risk with a fly by night  monument installation company?

Bertrand Monument has a highly trained crew who take pride in quality and preservation. After all we a are small town local team; this is our county, our people, our community. It is just as important to us that our cemeteries, our loved ones, and our community can be still knowing there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the quality and life of the memorials of our loved ones. 

Our team will always install the foundation below frost, as it should be. This would be about the same depth of the footings that are dug for residential construction.  Each headstone is sitting on 4 foot of concrete and a granite cap to ensure there is no...

shifting, settling, cracking or breakage

For more questions on how we do installation, give us a call and speak with a member of our team. Educating our customers is just as important as educating our crews! 

Bertrand Monument

After the cap is placed, the crew will make sure it is perfectly in line with other stones nearby. 

​​Once the stone arrives, granite sealer is hand rolled and placed to hold the stone in place.

While this statement is very true, what does it mean? Is it really that important?


A monument that is not installed correctly will, without a doubt... 

shift, settle, crack and break.