First, we'll "hang out" in our office and walk around our show room to look at some examples or look through some books of options. There are so many options (color, size, shape, planters, bases, ...on and on and on) and it can be completely overwhelming!

Instead of throwing this at you, let's talk. Tell us about your family, loved ones, and memories. We'll help

narrow down the perfect monument! 

Next, we'll design and create a mock up on the computer WITH you. Together we can make changes and edits until you see exactly what you want. Once we've achieved this, in most cases we will be able to give you your quote & a print out of your design right there.

Our design will get finalized typically within 48 hours. You can receive the final via email or come in and take a look. We'll need you to check over the spellings,  graphics, etc and make sure it's exactly what you want. Once you've signed or replied with "approved"....the processing begins.

Note, we will never begin work on the actual stone until we have a signature from you approving the design. If something happened to be incorrect it would delay the arrival of your stone and we want this to be an efficient and simple experience for you. 

Once we order and start creating your stone, our crew will go out (SeeFoundation/Setting) and start digging, pouring concrete, placing the granite cap, and preparing the area for the arrival of your stone. Once the stone arrives (time frame varies), we'll send the crew back out

to carefully and perfectly set it, and let you know when it's complete. 

Bertrand Monument

Not just standard service, but service that sets the standard.

What to expect when you visit Bertrand Monument...